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Kent was raised on the wrong side of the tracks in Bakersfield, California. While attending high school, he received a vision of future glory located outside of his hometown. This led him to Alaska where he joined the commercial fishing fleet. He found the work satisfying until he was tragically shipwrecked one dark and stormy night. Miraculously, he washed up onto the shores of San Francisco, where he decided to retire from the fishing life and sell his soul to the gods of rock, jazz, dance, classical, hip hop, both country and western, ska, punk, polka, bossa nova, and of course, folk.

Today, he plies the musical gods, sucks the marrow of the bones of life, and occasionally picks up a bass guitar to weave a tapestry of mayhem. Kent currently plays live in San Francisco, and along with his mötley crew of professionals, makes music and sound design for the masses.

Contact Kent regarding your next project and he'll promise not to bite and/or chew. Honest to goodness references are available upon request.